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Posted 7/16/14
Laura Hazelip

John 13:14-15 “ If then your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought also to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done.”

The ministry of service is more than choosing the surroundings in which we are comfortable or happy about serving in. Service as a ministry, is about serving in all the places that God puts us in regardless of how we feel or how they appeal to us. While cleaning, shopping, teaching, or training those in our charge do we show and lead by example the heart of service? Or do we expect what we ourselves do not portray?

The ways and places that Jesus served were the most lowly and common among His surroundings. Ultimately we are all called to ministry in some capacity weather we recognize it as such or not. How we respond and serve in them and in the places we do not recognize as ministry shows the true character of our heart. It is much easier to serve when we get accolades and recognition, but so much more difficult in the places we do not get recognized and praised.

When we are serving as Jesus did, in the lowly places, we can see God’s power truly working in us to do those things, as His power was evident when Jesus did them. Those common place services do more to show our true character, as they did for Jesus, than the places that we orchestrate for ourselves to serve and be seen serving.

Take a moment and think on the uncommon places that we as mothers, teachers and wives, have the opportunity to serve. Those places that only God will recognize. Realize sister, that He has called us to those places also. In more cases first.

We often think that when a crisis comes, or when I am “on the field” then I will do the lowly things. Then I will serve as Jesus did. But that is not so. If we cannot serve now in these lowly places, how then will we be prepared to “go” at all? Oswald Chambers compares it to “creating the munitions of war while in the trenches. You will be killed.”

Instead of preparing when the crisis comes, God gives us so many opportunities to prepare now, so that when a crisis comes we not only are prepared and ready, but don’t recognize it as a crisis at all. We continue to serve all along the way. We are battle ready, as Jesus was.

The mission field we are on is to a lost and dying world, the hearts and minds of our children, our family and friends, where we are now. Don’t be continually waiting to “go.” Be where you are, and serve here, so that when you are called away you will be found ready and in the habit of serving as a ministry, as Jesus did.

Watch those around you and realize that God has brought them into your life to show you a picture of how precious you are to Him. To serve them as He served us at Calvary. “I have given you an example that you should do as I have done.” Show that one person or people, that child or children, service as a ministry, as God has served you.