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Choosing Curriculum (07/20/2009) – Posted 6/23/14
Laura Hazelip

This blog was started so that we can all share in Laura's wisdom, from anywhere!  This entry was originally posted on July 20, 2009.

How to Choose a Good Book (02/22/2010) – Posted 7/16/14
Laura Hazelip

Laura's advice on how to find an appropriate book for your young student.

The Ministry of Service (03/09/2010) – Posted 7/16/14
Laura Hazelip

We are all called to be ministers.

Failure - My Only Option (08/01/2010) – Posted 7/16/14
Laura Hazelip

Put your trust in the One who NEVER fails!

Serving Others (05/22/2011) – Posted 7/16/14
Desiree Wiles

Guest columnist Desiree Wiles shares what a joy it can be to serve others.

Some Thoughts (01/07/2012) – Posted 7/16/14
Laura Hazelip

Laura shares some thoughts on what a great parent God is.

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: More I.D.E.A. Concerns (07/02/2013) – Posted 7/16/14
Barry Peters

Legal counsel to ICHE and CHOIS, Barry Peters shares important information for all families interested in home education.

WAR (09/11/2013) – Posted 7/16/14
Laura Hazelip

Like it or not, war is upon you.

Leadership (11/10/2013) – Posted 7/16/14
Laura Hazelip

A leader?  Me?  Yes - You!

Local Magazine

CHOIS Magazine – Posted 7/8/14

National Magazine

Home School Enrichment – Posted 7/15/14
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine – Posted 7/15/14

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has been around since 2001 and began as a quarterly, print magazine. Now it is a very thick annual print magazine and a bi-monthly digital one.