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Posted 7/16/14
Laura Hazelip

eation. Each system of the body working together to glorify the creator, each cell crying out “there is a God!”

As Adam’s eyes opened for the first time, they must have sparkled at the joy of laying in the arms of His Father and Creator. The safety and warmth of His arms cradled around Adam must have been what heaven will be. I can see God smile as gentleness and love poured out of His being at this, His child. The Father cradling the son, the master gazing at His creation: filled with love, gentleness, and longing to be close.

He could have spoke Adam into existence as He did with the stars, animals and even time, but He chose to do the work. He chose to get His hands dirty and entwine our lives for eternity with His. God breathed the very universe into existence and yet He hears us when we call and knows the number of hairs on our head. He asks only that we walk with Him and trust Him. “Who is man that You take knowledge of him? Or the son of man, that You are mindful of him? Man is like a breath, his days are like a passing shadow.” (Psa. 144:3-4)

I so often try to take matters into my own hands and remind God of the good ideas I have for this or that. How foolish I must look to Him: me, His creation, reminding Him of how well I can make plans and how great my ideas for my life are. How small I really am in comparison to His glory, yet His heart is gently, lovingly turned toward me.

I’m sure He smiles and lets me limp through my story as a parent does a child, nodding in all the right spots to show His interest, enjoying my attempt to be grown up, and yet it must grieve His heart at how little I trust Him after how faithful He has always been.

God is a parent that gets dirty from us. Much like grandma’s apron, mama’s shirt and daddy’s overalls soiled from a hard day of work, our sin filled soul is wiped on His snow white robe. His nail scarred hands brush away the sin and we are made clean. He takes our sin and guilt and it is gently wiped away by His blood shed on the cross. He lets us rub against Him in the hopes that it is He who rubs off on us. Press hard into Him so that the dust of the Master gets all over you.

Thoughts to ponder:

What part of your homeschooling can you trust God with today?

Think about God speaking the universe into existence and how small we are.

What are you willing to do to submit your will to His?